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Fashion from the airfield sale is part of a label with a special concept. After a shopping spree in the Airfield Outlet, you wear the creations of a brand that appears glamorous yet sporty. Airfield stands out from the crowd of other brands by combining fashion with innovative cuts and functional high-quality materials. In combination with exclusive accessories, a fashion style is created that is extraordinary.
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The styles from the Airfield Sale are primarily worn by fashion-conscious women who clearly want to emphasize their personal taste through style. If you want to dress confidently and yet youthfully, the Airfield Outlet is the place to be. The motto of the designers from the Airfield Sale is clearly defined. Their goal is to create fashion with passion. The idea behind this motto: you wear fashion whose boundaries should be removed. Differentiations between a sporty look or business fashion are a thing of the past at Airfield Outlet. Fashion rules of today are harmoniously combined. There are no contrasts. This fashion philosophy should inspire the fashion-conscious woman of today.

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The history of the label goes hand in hand with the history of the master tailor Franz Moser. This tailor shop, founded in 1937, was initially dedicated in particular to the production of children's fashion. In the course of the decades, several mergers followed, under which the Airfield brand emerged as the best-known label. Today you can be sure of Airfield Sale Fashion, which breaks new ground and opens completely new perspectives. Clothing from the Airfield Outlet is a good choice if you want to wrap yourself in clothing with a very unique fashion style.
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