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Burberry is a Designer brand known for Mäntel, Taschen & Hosen. mytheresa DE, engelhorn fashion & sports & Amazon.de now offer Burberry on sale. Save up to 70 percent on over 268 Burberry brand items on sale with our partner shops. Salewunder searches for you all shops that sell Burberry and shows you how to get the cheapest prices.

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Luxury with an unmistakable something - Burberry Sale at the Outlet

The renowned British fashion label Burberry dresses you in elegant chic and has managed to rise to the top of the hip brands. As befits luxury, rarity and exclusivity is a core element. You will meet a double in a part of Burberry in the mirror, but not on every street corner. That's why it's not easy to get a bargain in a sale or even find a Burberry outlet store. Burberry has the luxury of operating only one outlet store in the whole of Germany. Only in the Outlet City Metzingen you have the opportunity to experience the coveted goods up close and to buy a breathtaking piece at a lower price in the sale. Nowhere else will you find a Burberry Outlet Store! Here and there there may also be outlet stores that carry pieces of this noble fabric alongside other brands. For this you have to go stalking. Whether you can find something in the sale depends on your nose and a lot of luck.
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Trench coat as a permanent feature under the coats

As the inventor of the trench coat in the elegant and practical gabardine fabric, Burberry knows how to convince time and again. In the business sector, this garment has set unchanging standards and the in-house developed cut has been delighting its wearers and their enviers for over 100 years. The countless variations of the popular coats are stylish and timeless and it is impossible to imagine movies, television or everyday life without them. The typical double row button facing and the special pattern still provide the extra eye-catcher today. Shoulder straps remind of the original use as a badge of rank and give each wearer special dignity. The creators of the Matrix trilogy knew about the coolness that the long hem gives its owner and resorted to a trench coat for the epic. With this coat with its trendy tantrum and typical D-shaped belt, which casually swings around your waist and delicately accentuates the silhouette, you simply can't fall out of time. A trench coat from Burberry is a perfect companion, can be combined in many ways and is a stylish eye-catcher. In the sale or outlet it will delight your senses and your wallet equally!

to have exquisite accessories - from the bag to the scarf

The matching accessories are easy to find and finely detailed to match the Burberry design. That's what makes the difference with every part of you. It's just as practical - after all, the label took its first steps into the fashion business in 1914 as a royal military outfitter: you can wear the narrow Crossbody bag with a neat checkered strip and polished snap fasteners with engraved company logo, for example, as a clutch without the strap. The medium-sized Belt Tote is a loving tribute to the legendary coat and has turquoise handles for a stylish design. Your fable for the label and for special taste will be unmistakable with the scarf, of course. In a wide variety of colours, the well-known pattern gently envelops you in a cuddly way. Monochrome scarves with silk content greet with Burberry lettering from the world metropolis London. The assortment is completed by airy scarves, which make this pattern, which can be combined in many ways, a universal companion. A hair band made of silk twill will put the crown on your head. Even the fine nose is catered for at the Burberry house. There are noble perfumes and eau de toilette that guarantee you a lasting impression in every respect.
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Burberry - for the man of tomorrow

The roots of this traditional brand began with the men's outfitter and clothier Thomas Burberry. He not only invented the gabardine fabric, a practical and breathable as well as neat fabric, but also convinced with his daring innovative power. Today the company is one of the most famous luxury brands and has a lot to offer men, as it combines tradition and modernity. With Burberry you will find everything from the hip nylon bomber jacket to the elegant leather jacket or a hip hooded jacket made of nylon and neoprene, of course shoes with House Check fabric but also Oxford Brogues made of leather and vinyl. In addition to the classic check sweaters made of wool, there is also the smart sweater made of wool and cashmere. From classic chic to modern material combinations, the brand has not forgotten how to set trends.

Burberry for ladies - trimmed from head to toe for high-end luxury

For the world of ladies, Burberry leaves nothing to be desired. With the Pumps Annalise 90 made of leather or the Pumps Jermyn, which come up with an exciting finish, there is always a small element for the special refinement. The classic shirt blouse Guan convinces by classic style, that knitted dress with fairytale beauty. The trendy leather mini skirt is available as well as the business trousers made of cotton twill. Even a checkered swimsuit is part of the range and lets you appear hip and charmingly dressed in every situation and place in life. For the resourceful lady of the world, true pieces of jewellery can be purchased at the sale.

Burberry can do more than trench coat

The decades of experience of the fashion giant are reflected in a variety of unusual and trendy coats. In the black double-breasted coat in diamond quilting, the double-breasted button facing reveals the brand. In the laminated short coat in eye-catching red it becomes extravagant. The trendy duffel coat comes in a feel-good wool blend. From a serene peacoat, a cape made of wool or a printed trench coat for the hip nightlife, Burberry can serve all of these. You will find everything that suits you under one label and you are dressed up for every occasion. First of all, let's have a look! A label that innovatively and perfectly re-models its core product over so many years and does not allow itself to be lulled into subtle egalitarianism by the familiar check pattern is quite remarkable. When the secondary niches are perfectly filled, you'll be moving with Burberry to the fashion Olympics!

Diamonds for eternity

Burberry's unmistakable hallmark is its Check check patterns, which are always innovatively embedded. The brand, which has been active since 1856, stands like no other label in the luxury segment for modern British style, which is lavish yet straight and feels incredibly natural. Every garment is like a knighthood for you, only Burberry can do that! The iconic style started with the well-known trenchcoats and now has an extensive range. Since 1955 this luxury brand has been the purveyor to the Royal British Court, so you can be sure you are dressed like a prince in these fabrics.

Sale in the outlet - because more of the fabric is simply better

Luxury has its price, there is no way around it. But why pay more when you can save money and still have something left over to invest in a suitable accessory? But especially with Burberry it is a real art to get a bargain in the sale. Outlet stores are also hard to come by for this luxury brand, sales in normal business are unthinkable. If you don't want to spend hours searching through online shops to find a suitable outlet retailer with a good sale, a site can certainly help you. Salewunder.com will do the work for you, so that you can concentrate on indulging and selecting. salewunder.com searches all possible online retailers and outlet providers on the net for Burberry and presents you the item with the most discount in each sale! So you will find the best sale and save not only money, but also a lot of time and nerves.

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