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The Great Dondup Sale

Dondup Sale is an Italian label that has established itself today as one of the trendiest brands on the Italian fashion market. The Dondup Outlet has established itself in many countries of the world. Through its fashion, the company succeeds in combining tradition and modernity. The name of the brand refers to Tibetan mysticism. The brand name of the Dondup Sale is reminiscent of a Tibetan Lama whose life motto has a clear message. According to this motto, all people should be treated equally, regardless of their religion or origin. Regardless of skin colour, only one thing is important - action and intentions. The creative minds behind the Dondup Outlet want to remain true to this motto. The goal is clearly defined: whoever shops at Dondup Sale can look forward to a colourful mix of different styles from European, American and Asian countries for young and old.
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Fashion from the Dondup Outlet combines modern and traditional style elements, which are reflected in a large selection of trousers, skirts, dresses and tops. Children, women and men benefit in the Dondup Sale from a huge selection of materials such as jeans, velvet, leather or fur. At Dondup Outlet, you will find fashion that is characterised by attributes such as high-quality craftsmanship or the finest materials. Whether you're a man or a woman - clothing from the Dondup Sale is always timeless, but sometimes it's particularly natural or a little eccentric.

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The history of the brand began in 1999. The story of Dondup Outlet began with a small collection of jeans. The founders Manuela Marrotti and Massimo Berloni pursued the vision to create a new jeans label. Today, the company, located in the small Italian town of Fossombrone, employs about 70 people who have established the clothing company internationally. The reputation as an exclusive label for fashion lines for young and old has been strengthened by the Dondup Sale.
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