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Juicy Couture is a Designer brand specialized in Accessoires, Shirts & Sneaker. Currently you can get sales from Juicy Couture at Asos DE, Amazon.de & Dress For Less DE. Right now more than 130 Juicy Couture items are on sale with reductions of up to 76 percent. We display for you all stores that sell Juicy Couture and show you how to get the best discounts.

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The big Juicy Couture Sale

Juicy Couture Sale for the Californian lifestyle. In the Juicy Couture Outlet you will find the very special fashion that is connected with the Californian attitude to life. Juicy Couture outfits are young, cheeky, casual, comfortable and highly original. Fresh colours, flower prints, patterns and fabrics such as silk, plush and velour dominate the design. Every garment and accessory in the Juicy Couture Sale is unique. Although at first glance the individual pieces of the label do not seem to match, at second glance they offer great and unique possibilities to combine.
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Juicy Couture Outlet - Clothing with that certain something

The largest target group of Juicy Couture is women. But the label also launches fashion and accessories for children, babies and animals. Juicy Couture stands for light-heartedness and joy of life, for sun and sea. In the Juicy Couture Sale you will find original dresses, ultra short sweaters and jackets and super comfortable pants. At the Juicy Couture Outlet you can also find a wide range of accessories such as bags, sunglasses, socks, hats, costume jewellery, perfumes and a beauty line of the brand. At Juicy Couture Outlet, shopping is great fun and your heart will beat faster with all the magical items. Juicy Couture is simply a statement of freshness and cheerfulness.

Juicy Couture Sale: the young fashion from the Pacific Coast

In 1994 Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor founded the label Travis Jeans, which they renamed Juicy Couture two years later. The aim was to bring young and affordable fashion to the American market. In the meantime, fashion has long since become part of the somewhat higher price segment. Since the two founders initially had little money, they sent their clothes free of charge to stars like Madonna, who thus provided the young entrepreneurs with the necessary publicity. The once small company Juicy Couture is now a household name throughout North America and generates high sales in the three-digit million range.
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