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Kenzo is a brand renominated for Sweatshirts, Shirts & Pullover und Strickjacken. Currently you can find discounts from Kenzo at Amazon.de, Breuninger & engelhorn fashion & sports. Benefit from up to 70% discount on more than 276 Kenzo brand products. We list for you all stores that sell Kenzo and show you how to get the cheapest prices.

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The Great Kenzo Sale

The first boutique of Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada was named Jungle Jap, as the interior design was distinguished from other boutiques by eccentric jungle wallpaper. The abbreviation Jungle Jap, for Jungle Japonaise, made sense in both French (Japanese Jungle) and English (Jungle Jap).
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KENZO Sale for ladies and gentlemen

KENZO is the epitome of high-priced prêt-à-porter fashion, accessories and perfume for men and women. KENZO became famous for its perfume creations and its colourful fashion, with unconventional material combinations and folkloric ethnic patterns - see KENZO Sale. Legendary is a patchwork tunic, which was presented by the fashion magazine ELLE on the cover. Recent additions include a KENZO Sale collection for children, a KENZO Home collection with interior design items, a Streetwear collection with embroidered baseball caps, and tops with large KENZO lettering, which can be found in the KENZO Outlet.

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Kenzo Takada a Japanese fashion designer went to Paris in 1965 to work for various fashion manufacturers. In 1970 he founded his own label Jungle Jap with a business partner. At a time when fashion shows were held primarily for haute couture fashion, he presented the first prêt-à-porter fashion show for women's fashion. At the beginning of the 1970s, Takada Kenzo's fashion shows had to be repeatedly cancelled because the rush was too great. In the late 1970s, Kenzo held one of his spectacular events in a circus tent, under the dome of which he rode in on an elephant for final applause. From 1980 the company traded under the name KENZO or Kenzo S.A. In 1983 the KENZO Men's Fashion - KENZO Outlet was introduced and in 1988 the KENZO Perfumes. In 1993, KENZO was bought by the French luxury goods group LVMH for over 70 million euros and was still managed by Takada until 1999. 1996 - 2006 Renault sold a Twingo designed by Kenzo. In 2016 a 96-piece KENZO collection was launched for H&M at affordable prices. KENZO products can be found in the KENZO Outlet.
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