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Lacoste is a French fashion brand in the upper price segment, which was founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste and became famous for its polo shirts. Lacoste's clothes are made unmistakable by the sewn-on iconic brand logo, a small stylized crocodile. In addition to her everyday fashion line, Lacoste is also known for its high-quality sportswear. The rather expensive products can be purchased online at the Lacoste Sale. Furthermore, the brand Lacoste has an outlet in many European cities.
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High quality fashion with unique crocodile The polo shirt is the first and probably the most famous product of Lacoste. It is available for ladies and gentlemen in a wide range of colours and fits. The patented collar and the Lacoste crocodile give each piece its unmistakable look. Everyday wear such as T-shirts, sweaters and shirts are also part of the Lacoste range. In addition to clothing, Lacoste also produces sports articles, leather goods, perfumes and sneakers. In the Lacoste Sale and Lacoste Outlet you will find a large selection of current products at good prices.

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René Lacoste - from tennis professional to fashion designer: The history of the Lacoste brand begins when the successful tennis player René Lacoste had tennis clothing made for his own use. The first white tennis shirt by Lacoste was characterized by its innovative and airy piqué fabric, which we still know today as the material of polo shirts. In 1933 he started a cooperation with André Gillier, a French knitwear manufacturer, to produce and resell his coveted polo shirts in large quantities. The crocodile, which Lacoste had embroidered on his tennis clothing as a badge, served as the company logo even then. If you want to buy Lacoste fashion, you can visit the Lacoste Sale or the Lacoste Outlet.
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