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In addition to the "normal" shops of the brand, which can be found in many large cities such as Düsseldorf, Nuremberg, Hamburg or Stuttgart, to name but a few, and which always offer the latest collections of clothing, baby accessories and of course the many stuffed animals, soft toys and teddy bears, the outlet store and sale offers are of great interest to customers. There are factory outlet stores with many offers from the sale in the following cities: Giengen/Brenz Wertheim Metzingen and at salewunder.com So the outlet of Giengen/Brenz also has the special feature that the Steiff Museum has its place here, where you can admire the old bears and stuffed animals. A must for everyone who has ever had a Steiff animal sitting in their children's room.
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Special features of Steiff

Steiff stood and still stands for quality. So the motto here is also "only the best is good enough for children". And this sentence has been lived and implemented for decades. In the first years with the Teddy Bears, later with other cuddly toys and today with so many other products that make children's and parents' hearts beat faster. The quality seal, which can of course also be found on sale- and outlet goods, promises: harmless to health harmless colours high-quality materials finest plush quality harmless fillings special seam processing hygienic production independent controls quality that has existed since 1880

Steiff for girls and for boys

Of course, in a large collection of cuddly toys there are always some that are preferred by boys or others by girls. This is especially the case with the special collections. Here you can choose between Disney, Cola, Harry Potter, Looney Tunes and many more. And of course a princess or a mini mouse interests a girl more than a boy, who then tends to choose a character from Looney Tunes. The large collection of children's clothing is of course designed for girls and boys. So the girls' collection mainly offers skirts and dresses, but they are not so conspicuously in "girls' colors" as is often the case with children's clothing. Both collections, whether for boys or girls, are not gender-specific in terms of colour. When you hear the name Steiff, you probably think directly of the "button in the ear". Because this trademark made Steiff products famous at an early age and even today, as then, every child still knows this. While the name used to stand for stuffed animals and especially for the bears, today you can also find many other things for your child and yourself in the outlet and on sale at Salewunder.com. At salewunder.com on the other hand you can surf the site from the comfort of your sofa and choose the animals you like from the sale. The advantage of this is that everything offered on the site is available at sale and outlet prices and therefore significantly cheaper than in the shops. The collection offered by Steiff is large and it is worth taking a look here too. Because you can discover up to 1000 articles from the brand here and up to 63% when buying at the sale in the outlet.
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The current collection offers everything around baby - and cuddly toys

Today Steiff no longer just stands for stuffed animals in all sizes. Everything to do with babies is also offered here. As the company pays particular attention to ensuring that the little ones in particular are not harmed when they take their cuddly toy to heart and in their arms, there is an extra collection for babies that is specially designed to meet their needs. So the cuddly toys are not dangerous for babies and you can also buy them in an outlet at the sale. Therefore, the teddy bears are also divided into bears for children, for babies, as classic teddy bears and of course there is also a limited edition for the absolute Steiff lovers and collectors. Teddy Bears as well as all other cuddly toys are available in many different sizes from very small to almost human size. These different sizes are also available in the outlet and at the sale. The baby collection from Steiff also offers a wide variety of music boxes, cuddle cloths, baby blankets, rattles, rings, crackling animals, warming cushions and sleeping bags, all of which are of course also available in the outlet in addition to the special cuddly toys for babies. Then there is the fashion collection for babies and kids, which is perfectly designed for boys and girls. But what should never be missing here is the cute bear's head on every single piece of clothing. For babies, the collection is available at the outlet and at the sale in sizes 56 to 80, and for children from 86 to 122, which makes it perfect for kindergarten age. Whether for cuddling at home, for the night or for the playtime outside, the collection includes many suitable garments for boys and girls. The design is always classic and therefore suitable for many occasions. There are also many accessories such as caps, scarves or even bibs for the little sweet tooth. Of course, Steiff clothing for children and babies is also available at the outlet and sale of salewunder.com. In addition to the cuddly toy and fashion collection, Steiff also offers wooden wheels with matching stands and baskets for the little ones. So even the youngest ones who are just starting to run are always mobile next to mum and dad. With wheels, the little ones playfully learn to move well and use their legs as effectively as possible.

The moving story of Margarete Steiff

Probably you will know, if you have already done some research on the Steiff brand, that the company was founded by a woman. So Margarete Steiff was born in 1847. In spite of polio, the little girl fought and can even go to school in this way. At the age of 17, she can finish her tailoring apprenticeship and works in the ladies' tailor shop of her two older sisters. When they leave the village, Margarete Steiff takes over the tailor shop. In 1877, she sews household articles and clothing made of felt. When she discovers a pattern of a small elephant in 1879, she makes a corresponding pin cushion. But things were to turn out differently, as the small animals became very popular as toys for children. On this basis, Margarete Steiff GmbH is founded in 1880. Now not only the small elephants but also other stuffed animals are produced. Maybe you are now wondering where the popular Steiff teddy bear is that every child still knows today. It was not designed by Margarete Steiff at all, but by her favourite nephew Richard Steiff, who designed the first bear 55 PB in 1902. This was the world's first Teddy Bear that could move arms and legs. But it was not until 1906 that the bear was named "Teddy" after the American President Roosevelt. At the same time the trademark, the button in the ear, was invented. The worldwide success, especially in America, is now unstoppable, the Steiff company has grown to already 1800 home workers and another 400 employees. In 1909, the company founder died of pneumonia at the age of 61. Her nephews took over the management of the company. Today, the Steiff company can look back on a moving history. For example, the legendary and unforgotten Karl Lagerfeld designed several stuffed animals, and there are museums in which the old stuffed animals from the early years are exhibited. Steiff starts a cooperation with Disney and owns shops all over the world. But of course the company's products can also be purchased in many outlet stores, in the sale as well as on the site salewunder.com. save.