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Thomas Sabo - stylish pieces of jewellery in the outlet on site and in the online sale

The products of Thomas Sabo can be found in more than 300 stationary sales areas. If there is a shop or outlet in the vicinity, it is worthwhile to stop by from time to time. Again and again, individual items or collections from last season are offered at reduced prices. Thomas Sabo laid the foundation stone for his meanwhile very extensive company already in 1984. It is thanks to his persistent work and the high quality standards of his own collections that more than 1800 employees were already working on Thomas Sabo products in 2018.
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Thomas Sabo Outlet Sale and in the online shop

The Thomas Sabo brand is distributed in more than 75 countries. Especially in the area of online outlet and sale there is a lot to get for bargain hunters around the globe. Similar to the Swarovski Sale or Pandora, Thomas Sabo can be found all year round in many shops and outlets at reasonable prices. Of course it can be time consuming to browse through every available outlet sale to get the bargain you want. But once the coveted Thomas Sabo watch, the much longed-for sunglasses or the filigree necklace have been purchased, the joy is all the greater.

Thomas Sabo bracelets - as versatile as their wearers

Light, filigree chains are just as much a part of the brand's collection as bracelets made of large stone balls. From classically elegant to unusual and modern, Thomas Sabo has something for everyone. When you look at Thomas Sabo's designs at the outlet sale or in the outlet, you will not fail to notice how versatile the collections are. Many pieces are in the respective men's and women's categories, but can be worn unisex, just like Pandora. Bracelets by Thomas Sabo, which are made of wide, differently patterned links, look just as good on a lady's wrist as on a man's. Even the plain, wide hoops, which are available in gold and silver, cannot be assigned to one gender.
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Thomas Sabo Ketten - the right thing for everyone

Anchors, playful dangling spheres, mystical symbols, crosses and intertwined rings dominate Thomas Sabo's chain collection. For lovers of dominating, eye-catching chains, Thomas Sabo has chains made of stone balls, silver chains with large, strikingly patterned links and heavy pendants with cross and skull motifs in the range. The assortment is designed according to the company's motto. This is that love for detail and a high quality standard should distinguish the brand Sabo. Care should be taken when perfume or hairspray gets on the jewellery. This can cause the shine to fade and should therefore be avoided at all costs. Should a small mishap nevertheless occur, no harsh cleaning agents should be used. Cleaning the jewellery works best in an ultrasonic bath. This removes soap or cream residues without attacking the metal. Caution is especially important with pearls. They do not tolerate alcohol or other solvents.

Thomas Sabo Pendants & Charms in stationary trade, outlet and sale

Charms are cute, small pendants, which are usually worn on bracelets. They are especially popular as gifts, because they remind the wearer of the giver and special moments in life. Mostly charms lovers have whole collections of the cute pendants and change individual pieces from time to time. Thomas Sabo has a large collection of charms in various shapes and colours. Colourful stones, which could also be available at the Swarovski Sale, are represented as well as animal and nature symbols. Balls, which remind of Pandora, and small, elegant symbols round off the assortment. You might be surprised how large the range of different charms is. But this is exactly where the advantage of Thomas Sabo lies. Because every charm is meant to further personalize the own bracelet or the bracelet of the presentee. Thus it becomes a souvenir and a lucky charm. Over 600 different motifs arouse the passion for collecting. New collections are released twice a year. So even die-hard charm fans always have something new to discover.

Thomas Sabo for ladies

Light jewellery in delicate shapes and cheerful, bright colours dominate the women's collection of Thomas Sabo. Celestial bodies, geometric shapes, animal figures and bright colours should unobtrusively caress the wearer. In the series magic Stones, strong colours have been combined with striking designs to achieve a striking yet elegant effect. Often the pieces of jewellery, which have a shine that brings back memories of Swarovski, are to be found in the sale. Magic Stars promises that the wearer will discover magical star highlights. Whether the series, which playfully combines celestial bodies with shiny zirconia, also holds this, you can simply check in the outlet sale. The ladies are also well catered for in the watches section. No matter whether a rustic model with a skull and crossbones in the dial is required, or whether it may be something elegant in red and gold, there is something for every customer. How about a combination of stainless steel and leather strap, for example? Or perhaps a dash of colour with a colourful dial? Take a look at the models in the Outlet Sale and decide what suits you and your own style. Because a watch like this is not just a piece of jewellery and a companion through everyday life. It is much more a fashion statement that attracts attention.

Thomas Sabo for men

Thomas Sabo advertises the design of his men's jewellery collection as striking and this word probably describes the pieces best. Heavy rings with a masculine touch, bracelets and watches in dark tones and with lots of silver, as well as weighty pendants that seem to go well with wide chains. Unlike with Pandora bracelets, the pendant is not threaded, but attached with a clip closure. From skulls to crosses, trees of life and compass needles, Thomas Sabo's designs seem to be inspired by movies, old sagas and legends. While dog tags used to be the distinctive mark of the military, today it is hard to imagine jewellery fashion for men and women without them. The piece of jewellery with cult factor can be found in many shops and outlet sale. Also in the matter of watches, interested men and women can find a lot in the outlet sale. From black, to silver, - yellow and red gold, the colour spectrum is designed for elegance and style. Here, too, everyone wears what he or she likes. Whether it's a wide leather strap with a rocky feel or a more filigree version with a metal band. No piece can not be worn unisex. Some interesting details have been built into the watches. Thus, some of the crowns on the bezel are decorated with small motifs such as balls or skulls. Fashion meets function, writes the company about this detail. Why do without an unusual style when you can have both? Take a look at it at the outlet sale and decide for yourself if this design is right for you.

Whether in the outlet or online sale- giving is a pleasure

If you want to have a lovingly selected piece of jewellery personalised before giving it as a gift, engraving is a good idea. The company's promise to ensure that all products are manufactured without child labour makes gift-giving particularly attractive. In addition, the Sabo couple is committed to helping disadvantaged children and young people in their own foundation. This makes wearing the jewellery even more fun. Whether in stationary trade or in the outlet sale. The brand stands for quality and individuality. Properly cared for, Thomas Sabo's jewellery can accompany you through all situations in life and shine on you for a long time. Take a look at the great variety of Thomas Sabo products in the outlet sale at salewunder.com and find the right gift for your loved ones or yourself.