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More Sales

Outlet and Sale - Vaude at particularly attractive prices

For fans of a brand, visiting an outlet or waiting anxiously for the sale is simply part of the experience. Of course this also applies to Vaude. The company is still deeply rooted in southern Germany, which is why it operates three outlets there. There you can enjoy the best possible prices and don't have to fall back on the goods of the past years, because Vaude even offers its loyal customers and friends in the outlet special collections, which are exclusively available there. A look and a visit is worthwhile in any case. If you are looking for something new for your next mountain tour or if you need something special for a cycling holiday, it is definitely worth waiting for the next sale. The sale is also a good idea if the way to the outlet is too far for you. Regularly, especially at the end of a season, the most beautiful pieces of Vaude can be found in the Sale or in the Outlet. The best opportunity for you to strike.
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Discover Vaude at salewunder.com

salewunder.com is the first address for you if you value fashion and want to compare the big names in the industry quickly and easily. Besides the outlet and the sale, salewunder.com is the best way to get to your new favourite piece. Up to 90 % cheaper are the best products of Vaude at salewunder.com Outlet and permanent sale in one - this is exactly what this innovative website offers you. You can log in with your e-mail address within one minute. This guarantees that you never miss the best offers and soon you will be able to hold the jacket of your dreams or the matching backpack for your next crossing of the Alps in your hands. Why should shopping be complicated and expensive? salewunder.com puts an end to all that and becomes the first address for you if you are looking for something new and have already set your sights on a brand.

Women's fashion by Vaude - fashionable, stylish and functional

Whether on the mountain or at the next barbecue party, you will definitely cut a fine figure with the ladies' fashion from Vaude. What you can find today in the sale or in the outlet, has been adapted to the demands of modern women, who stand with both legs in the middle of life. Whoever is active should not be punished by the fact that the choice of clothing is limited to purely technical sportswear. Sport and an elegant, lasting impression can very well be combined. You can see for yourself how this works at the next Vaude sale.
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Vaude for men - optimized for highest performance

When you go out into the great outdoors, it is not only your look that matters, but above all what your clothing can do. If you are looking for something new in an outlet or at a sale, you will definitely notice the latest cuts from Vaude. They still feature the sophisticated techniques that once led to the rapid rise of the popular manufacturer. With time, however, the style of men's fashion has also changed. Today the innovative specialist for outdoor products presents products that can be used for a lot of occasions. Who would have thought just a few years ago that today it is possible to go hiking directly after a business meeting - and in the same clothes. What you can find in the outlet today is just as suitable for the toughest mountain tours as for a nice date by candlelight. After all, innovation is not only evident in the materials used, but also in the fact that you move with the times. In men's fashion, Vaude has entered completely new markets. The great success proves the company right and that the courageous steps were the right ones.

Unique features of Vaude

What has made Vaude products true classics for decades? Is it the innovative material, the well-equipped outlet or is it the sale that always surprises with refreshing prices? Probably it is a bit of everything. If you decide to buy a garment, shoes or even a backpack from Vaude, you can be sure that the product will definitely deliver what you are promised by the long and successful history of Vaude alone. For more than 40 years the company, which started very small at that time, has revolutionized the market. It is still entirely in family hands, which is why it is so important to the owners that the love for nature is reflected in every product. If you love your mountains or enjoy cycling, you definitely don't want to find dirt or rubbish on the roadside. During a visit to the outlet you can take a closer look at the materials used and you will soon find out that Vaude can keep its sustainability promise thanks to the use of state-of-the-art materials. After all, a company is only as strong as its principles. This becomes clear with every product and you can benefit from this in the sale.

The current collections of Vaude

Vaude is a manufacturer who cares about detail. This can be seen in the new collections, which appeal to the brand's core customers, passionate hikers and tourers, as well as hip students who want to feel at home in the urban jungle. The keyword for the new cuts is definitely sustainability. Like hardly any other manufacturer, this traditional German company takes care to use materials that have not only been extracted and produced under fair conditions, but that can also be almost completely recycled a second time. If you take a look into the outlet or the sale of the clothing manufacturer, you will quickly notice that behind every little detail there is a sophisticated idea. But in the outlet you will also find that the times when it was all about the principle "form follows function" are long gone. Today, the focus is clearly on fashion that combines the best possible functionality with fashionable cuts. Thus, trekking clothing is becoming more and more socially acceptable and a utensil that you can wear for every occasion. The new collections, which you might find in the sale soon, attract attention and offer you the high quality you are used to from Vaude.

The eventful and long history of Vaude

If you have ever come across a product of the brand in an outlet or in a sale, then the quality will have convinced you for sure. Only many years of innovation and courage have led to Vaude being where it belongs - at the top of the outdoor clothing manufacturers. The company was founded more than four decades ago - by a single man who was simply not satisfied with the range of clothing for mountaineers. At the time, nothing was adapted to high standards, so he decided without further ado to launch his own collections. Today the founder is in well-earned retirement and has left the business to his daughter, who with her creative ideas has brought a breath of fresh air to the traditional company today. With the old values courage, passion and perseverance Vaude has written great history. In every outlet and especially in the sale you can see for yourself at very fair prices.