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Swarovski is a Designer brand known for Ringe, Halsketten & Ohrringe. Currently you can find sales from Swarovski at Swarovski DE, Douglas DE & mirapodo. Profit from up to 50% discount on more than 170 Swarovski brand items. We display for you all stores that sell Swarovski and show you how to get the best prices.

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More Sales

Outlets and Sales: Where can Swarovski brand products be found in online sales?

There are numerous offers for online sale in the outlet for articles of the manufacturer Swarovski. Among them is a separate sale in the jewellery manufacturer's own online outlet store, which can be clicked from the Swarovski online presence. In the sale in the company's outlet, models from the brand manufacturer are offered at prices under 40 and sometimes even under 60 percent of the retail price. For lovers of the sparkling pieces of jewellery, this is a good opportunity to purchase products from the brand manufacturer at the outlet sale. The online outlet store salewunder.com also offers inexpensive sale products from the jewellery manufacturer. These can be found and selected on the website under search. The goods are sometimes offered up to 60 percent below the manufacturer's recommendation at the sale in the outlet. It is worthwhile to browse through salewunder.com in the sale in the outlet and choose the most beautiful Swarovski jewellery or accessories at a reasonable price. Have the sparkling stones from the sale delivered to your home from your salewunder.com outlet.
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What makes Swarovski a world-class company?

The company is known for its extravagant collections. At present you can buy artfully styled jewellery such as earrings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and ingeniously designed face and head jewellery on the market. The company has also released a number of artistically created accessories such as brooches, clothes set with the beautiful stones and many other fashionable pieces. In addition, the jewellery manufacturer also provides articles for designing living spaces. For example, there are numerous figurines made from the famous Swarovski crystals, which are suitable for decorating shelves or tables. In addition, the company offers individual stones for sale, which are well suited to embellish your own creations with the sparkling stones. The sparkling items do not have to be expensive. Because there are some offers for sale in the Online Outlet.

Swarovski for ladies and gentlemen

Swarovski products are not assigned to specific genders. However, it cannot be denied that women in particular are interested in the Swarovski jewellery collection. Selected necklaces, bracelets, rings or other jewellery parts of the brand are mainly worn by women. However, men are often interested in the manufacturer's home accessories, as the design of a home fitted with items from this brand is by no means gender dependent. Offers of selected pieces for women and men are available in the Online Store in the Online Outlet. Swarovski products can be selected in peace and quiet at home in the Web Outlet. Order your favourite pieces from the Sale and have them sent to you. After you have received your order, you will have enough time to think about the fashion that fits your Swarovski selection.
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Information on the current Swarovski collection

The desire for a completely new identity is still one of the most important issues of our time. The new Swarovski collection also fulfils this wish. When putting together selected pieces, the upgrading of traditional formats is at the top of the company's priority list. With the models in the current collection, you can be sure that fresh, individual styles will be fitted with retro-modern elements. For many wearers of the sparkling jewellery pieces, this provides a stylish bridge to the lifestyle of the currently prevailing zeitgeist. In addition to individual design, the company places great emphasis on the stability of the individual pieces. The use of heavy materials brings with it the demand for durability, whereby an attractive design is of prime importance. The creation of new silhouettes as well as the arrangement of skilfully used layers allows the nostalgia of historical materials to come to the fore. Colours are used in subdued, almost calming tones. This ensemble is highlighted by accents of azure blue or similar invigorating colours, in favour of an almost nature-identical individual freshness. The company has been inspired by the theme of modern vintage in the new collection. The new vintage jewellery, as well as many of the newer retro accessories, feature refined, textured surfaces, finished in a crystal design or studded with pearl clusters. The modern jewellery is ideal for the young audience to celebrate vintage fashion. Those interested in the company's modern home accessories will also find some revivals that feature a bold change of style. The individual pieces are strikingly simple. These pieces have been designed for discerning tastes and to express the desire to bring more individuality into all areas of life.

The history of the manufacturer Swarovski

The company was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski Wattens in Tyrol. The young entrepreneur had to distance himself from the former centre of the glass and crystal industry in Bohemia. This was because a lot of water was needed to produce the crystals, which was used for grinding or cooling. Today, the Swarovski factory site belongs to a large part of the village of Wattens. The town has developed into a magnet for visitors who travel to Wattens to see the "Crystal Worlds" adventure museum, which first opened in 1995 to mark the company's 100th anniversary. The formula according to which the glittering stones are produced remains top secret. Not even employees working inside the company outside the huge production halls have access to the secret data. The halls are secured by huge computer-controlled locks so that no one can carry out industrial espionage within the company. With the crystal objects, the former industrial supplier transformed into a well-known manufacturer of branded goods. The company soon offered jewellery under its own label. By publishing its collections of couture and fashion jewellery, Swarovski established itself in the fashion segment of the premium article supplier. Markus Langes-Swarovski is the fifth generation to lead the Group. He states that the company always strives to work close to the consumer with its offerings. The global group has already achieved this goal. It is hard to imagine current fashion without the small crystal glass stones. Swarovski stones glitter, flash and sparkle on bags, T-shirts, jackets or belts. Apart from gemstones, Swarovski has also made a name for itself as a market leader in its former main business area. Under the name "Tyrolit", the company manufactures tools that can be used for grinding and drilling work. Synthetic and natural gemstones are processed under the "Signity" brand. The "Swarovski Optik" branch of the company manufactures precision optical instruments. Well-known binoculars such as the "Habicht" brand come from the industrial halls of the Swarovski factories. The "Swareflex" brand of crystal luster brings light into the dark in road traffic. The company has been showing road users the way out of the dark with reflectors for traffic signs since 1940.